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Yep, we are from Spain but we also do worldwide shipping only for 5€; and it's free if you purchase more than 35€ of our clothes. We deliver your purchase as soon as possible and we'll let you know when this happens with a new mail or sms. The product will be in your home in a few days or weeks, it depends but you can contact us to have more information about your packet. You can also pay a little bit more to have a certificate delivery which has a tracking code. If you didn't get the delivery confirmation mail or sms we can swap your size or design if you want to. If you already got the confirmation or you received your packet, we can do exchange in some special cases. Consult us for more information.



Every size is unisex, you can see the centimeters of every one in the product page (all european sizes so they aren't smaller or bigger than any typical t-shirt in Europe), if you have any doubt you can send us a mail to info@royalmemecompany.com or even a direct message to our instagram account @royalmemeco.



We have a very limited amount of every single size, so if you like a design try to purchase it as soon as possible; we don't usually do restock, but we maybe do it with some special designs, so submit to our newsletter to have any update with next drops.

Tag us on our social media or send us a private message to have a feature and maybe a gift too.

Thanks for trusting in us, we'll try to sell in physical shops in the future too (if you know a clothing shop that could be interested on selling our brand tell us). Have a good day!

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